Chien Amis

Providing the best loved family dogs with clean, nutritionally balanced and expertly prepared meals across FIVE ranges which means regardless of your
dogs age, activity level and dietary, and health needs you can rest assured you are feeding the very best.

Imperial -

If you want to feed your dog the best available kibble diet which has been developed to promote healthy skin, coat, joints, digestive health and sup-
port the immune system whilst formulated for everyday health and wellbeing then our Imperial 65% range is the perfect choice for you and your dog. Every flavour option provides a minimum of 65% quality protein.

The dog food industry is notorious for misleading owners and potentially harming their dogs' health. Our superfood range removes any need for concern.
Only the highest quality and naturally sourced ingredients are blended before being gently cooked to protect the proteins and keep in all that vital goodness.
With a range of naturally sourced proteins combined with other exquisite and highly beneficial ingredients there’s little doubt that Imperial 65% food will have your dog eagerly expecting their meals, joyously eating them and relaxing contently afterwards.

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Free le grain -

If your companion has an intolerance to grains or shows symptoms of grain allergies such as itchy skin, irregular stools, constipation, restlessness etc then our grain free range will be the perfect choice for you. Our range of grain free dog food by Chien Amis includes a selection of the finest freshly prepared, nutritious and highly digestible animal protein sources. The range has been specially formulated utilising sweet potato and/or potato as the source of carbohydrates to ensure it’s gentle and doesn’t aggravate the digestive systems of those dogs with grain sensitivities. With options for puppies, adults, seniors in small breed, normal and large breed and 2 low fat options there really is a perfect food for every dog. We don’t just stop there, with a huge choice of proteins we can cater to all tastes and preferences.

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Au Naturel -

A selection of recipes which benefit from the finest freshly prepared protein sources and wholesome grains to help support pets with sensitive digestion. Grains, being naturally high in fibre, ensure your pet feels full and satisfied longer by providing nutritious and digestible nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are essential for a complete and balanced diet. A hypoallergenic diet which is formulated with a single source of protein which helps support pets with sensitive digestion. A choice of either Turkey, Lamb or Fish as the main protein source which are then combined with rice and available in normal, small breed, puppy, senior and light options, if you’re looking for a complete and balanced meal for a dog with sensitive digestions but not grain intolerances then you should check out our Au Naturel range.

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Superbe -

A variety of high quality protein sources combined to create a range of hypoallergenic meals with ingredients especially selected to avoid common food allergens which are found in many other foods. Containing vitamins and minerals to promote a strong and healthy immune system, essential fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, dietary fibre to maintain proper digestive function and naturally preserved using Rosemary extract instead of the nasties usually used within the industry.
Our Superbe range is a cost effective option for dog owners wishing to feed a quality food product within a smaller budget. The range offers options for young and old, large, standard and small breeds and also a lighter option for those dogs needing a nutritious but reduced calorie diet.

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Cold Presse -

Almost all the nutritional benefits of raw feeding but with all the convenience of a dry food. The unique method of cold pressing is what makes this food a world apart from standard kibble dog food. Our cold pressed dog food is made by carefully mixing the finest ingredients together, before pressing them the authentic way at low temperatures between 42°C - 47 °C for a few seconds. These lower temperatures help to preserve the heat sensitive enzymes, fibres and all the natural aromas and flavours within the ingredients, producing a food with greater digestibility, palatability and preserved nutritional value. Chien Amis Pressed food is a complete dry dog food which creates a balanced natural diet with all the convenience of a complete dry food, which is made using DEFRA approved human grade ingredients. In addition our cold pressed food with added TurmerAidTM The majority of dogs love our cold pressed dog food. It's naturally highly palatable due to the preservation of the natural aromas and flavours of the ingredients. Nowadays, cold pressed food is starting to gain popularity due to the huge list of benefits it brings to the table however, as with all things when they begin to gain traction, lesser quality versions reach the market and the uneducated dog owner and their dog lose out. At the Good Dog Food Company we pledge to always strive to be open, honest and upfront whilst always ensuring that your dog's food contains only the very best ingredients.

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