There are many dog food companies in the world.

We’re the one that feeds the UK’s best loved dogs.

Here at The Good Dog Food Company we have one mission - Helping you and your dog achieve the very best life together.

Across everything we do, we strive to ensure that we give dogs and their owners the very best.

The best food. The best supplements. The best treats. The best advice


If this is your first time working with us then get ready to enjoy the experience. If you’ve been before, we’re very pleased; whilst not in the least surprised,
that you’re back :)

The Good Dog Food Company does exactly what it says on the tin (pun intended) - delivering you and your companion the best food on the market regard- less of your feeding preference or your dog's specific requirements, needs or preferences.

If you are a dog parent and you love your dog then you’re in the best place. Guaranteed.

With over 17 Years experience of feeding our own dogs and with wags of approval from thousands of others over the past decade we decided, in 2021, that it was time to bring our food and accompanying knowledge to the masses.

A community of dog lovers with one thing in common - we want the best for our dogs and the best for yours too!

If you wish to give your dog the best life possible then you’re in the right place.