Ranger’s Table

Dogs that eat from the Ranger’s Table tend to be dogs that live a lifestyle that requires the best in life. They’re a dog who, like their owner, knows where they are going and there’s little doubt that they’ll reach their goals. Seats at the Ranger’s Table are reserved for those active and athletic dogs who are happy to chill out and relax but when it’s time to go, just like their owners, are ready and raring to make their mark. It doesn’t matter what discipline your dog partakes in. The outcome will be the same. Top performance fuelled by top nutrition.

From the busy pet Vizsla’s who run alongside their owners through sprawling city parks before relaxing all day in front of the fire to the Spaniels working in deep snow on the grouse moors of Scotland, Ranger’s Table provides top quality nutrition to support top quality performance and athleticism whilst avoiding all of the ‘E’ number type additions all too common in such foods.

This means that foods from the Ranger’s Table are perfect for those owners who own dogs who need to be all go one minute and calm and relaxed the next. Ranger’s Table is fed to active pets, working sheepdogs, working gundogs, search and rescue dogs, agility dogs, Police dogs and many more. All of them send back great reports.

Grain Free

With grain free diets quickly becoming the popular choice for dog owners it’s no surprise that the Ranger’s Table was quickly bending under the weight of many nutritious ingredients of high levels of quality very rarely seen in the pet food industry. These special ingredients have now undergone much trial and error, and plenty of taste testing, from the pack, and have been combined to formulate some of the very best grain free foods available in the UK today. Our grain free foods have increased hypoallergenic properties and offer a source of complete balanced nutrition for active and working and sporting dogs across the UK. The attraction of grain free food is that our pets' ancestral diets, like our own, contained little to no grain and as a result, your best friend isn’t as well equipped, to properly digest some of the more complex carbohydrates found in grain, as they are other carbohydrates. This inability or intolerance to grain can cause many issues including but not limited to itchy skin, loose stools, constipation, nausea and stomach discomfort. Each ingredient used in our grain-free signature recipes combine to create a complete nutrient profile for active dogs, and ensure that they are always provided with all the necessary nutrition they need regardless of when, how long, or how often life demands them to exert themselves.

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Wheat/Gluten Free -

A relatively small number of dogs have been shown to suffer from a congenital disease which results in an intolerance to gluten and the nasty side effects that such a condition causes. Most dog food companies are looking to supply a food that will satisfy the largest market and in turn, produce the biggest profits. At The Good Dog Food Company, our main priority is healthy dogs and happy owners. That’s why we’ve invested such time and effort in bringing this food to the mouths of the dogs that need it. In much the same way that humans can be sensitive to ingredients in their food, so can dogs. A gluten free diet has been shown to help aid with a number of health issues that can affect dogs of all breeds and ages including allergies, joint pain, ear infections, and other chronic health problems. Our range of Wheat Gluten Foods use premium, all-natural, hypo-allergenic, 100% Wheat Gluten free foods. Put simply. Simpler recipes, for sensitive dogs.

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Premium Puppy -

Raising a puppy, especially one that will fulfil a working, sporting or active family role is a worrying and risky time. Especially when you consider there’s a chance that the puppy isn’t going to grow into the dog you desire. For the working home, this tends to result in wasted time and money, for the active family, it results in very hard decisions having to be made or settling for 10-15 years of compromised life. You never get the chance to raise your puppy again and mistakes made at this point can have long lasting detrimental impacts on you, your family’s and your dog's life for many years. The puppy food market is a minefield - that’s why we’ve created premium puppy. Nutrition plays such an important role in puppies development that it should be at the top of your priority list. If you feed your puppy a nutritionally balanced diet which has been developed to promote healthy growth and development then you significantly increase the chances of your puppy growing into the young adult dog that you desire and ensuring that your dog performs well into old age. Our premium puppy range has been developed with function and form in mind. We take your puppy’s health very seriously and want to help you.

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Working Dog—

Our Working dog range of foods has been developed to be a complete and balanced meal which delivers consistent and steady energy to allow your working dog to keep on going all day long. Few dogs expend energy like our real, hard working dogs. From gathering sheep from the fells to flushing and retrieving game over many acres for hours on end our working dog food range will ensure that your dog is ready and raring to go to work and perform at the highest level for as long as you require. Historically, working dog foods have been cheap, low quality compromises which, whilst they kept the dog fed, left the dog expending unnecessary energy and struggling to keep on going. All that changes, with our working dog food range. Developed and chosen in partnership with real working dog owners we present to you our specially formulated blends for working dogs. We understand the need to provide proper nutrition to our working partners but we also appreciate that from time to time, money can be a bit tight. For this reason we offer a choice of 5 meals for a range of budgets.

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Sustainable Source—

Humans are coming under increasing pressure to be kinder to our planet. To treat our planet with more respect and potentially reverse some of the damage that our existence has created. Achieving that whilst still supporting the infrastructure humans have created is not an easy task but making small moves in the right direction has to be the right way to proceed. There is a call for us to eat more sustainably and in anticipation of a changing world we want to ensure that dogs don’t suffer as a result of the pressure of a changing world. Dogs eat meat. They always have. We believe that in an ideal world, they always will. For various reasons though, not everybody wishes to feed their dog meat and we respect their wishes. That’s why we’ve developed our sustainable-source protein foods. One is plant and vegetable based, the other is insect based. If you wish to feed your dog in a more sustainable way then we’ve developed two meals to ensure that your dog receives a nutritionally balanced and complete meal whilst being kinder to our planet, look no further.

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Wet Tray Range—

High meat content. Real meat taste. Real meat texture. Real meat enjoyment. We all know that nothing tastes better than the real thing. No matter which way you approach it, we can’t get away from the fact that if you gave your dog a choice, chances are, he or she would choose to eat real meat over any other option. If you’re going to feed real meat then you only really have two options. Feed completely raw food and accept that you’ll spend lots of money and need extensive freezer space OR feed your dog a ready prepared, nutritionally balanced, minimum 50% meat content wet tray meal that’s sealed for freshness and doesn’t need freezing! We present to you our wet tray range straight from the Ranger's Table. With both rice and grain free options and meals for puppies and adults we’re sure we’ll have your dogs taste buds firing as soon as you peel back the sealed lid.

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