Pasturefields Raw

The argument that dogs have evolved to eat a diet mainly consisting of raw meat is overwhelming and gets stronger every single day as more and more scientists and nutritionists study the evidence. In an ideal world there is no doubt that dogs thrive best on a raw diet and for those owners who feed raw, well, they shout from the rooftops about the positive benefits of feeding their dogs in the most natural way possible. Pasturefields Raw presents to you a complete range of raw food for your dog ranging from simple minced meat through balanced meat/offal/bone pouches and finishing with complete meals in trays for convenience.

For those owners who would love to feed raw but just aren’t in a position to do so, we bring you the next best thing - Cold Pressed food consisting of real meat which has been slowly cooked at low temperatures to maintain all the goodness and then formed into kibble like pellets for your convenience. These cold pressed options are available in normal and working dog options.